Monday Mentions: Creative Birds, Thriller Inspiration & Pet-astic Links

Last week I got a good start on the new thriller SHOW AND TELL, but then was sidetracked by STRAYS and getting the cast recording finished (you can listen to it here). I find, though, that any kind of artistic … Continue reading

Rediscover “Lost” Loves with #HillsPet

Awww, now that made me cry! When you think about dog weight loss or cat weight loss, one rarely thinks how this impacts the loving bond we share, but this video about Bear drives home the point. “I gained a … Continue reading

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day!

Yes, I’m blogging a day early–but it’s important. April 8 (today) has been declared National Dog Fighting Awareness Day by the ASPCA. That’s appropriate since the entire month of April is National Prevent Cruelty to Animals Month and I can … Continue reading

Food Aggression in Dogs is No Laughing Matter!

This video that’s suddenly gone viral, makes me incredibly sad. Despite the “LOL!” shares and comments about “how cute” this behavior is, plain and simple this is a disaster in the making. Resource guarding is NOT a joke! And the … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Cat Wigs, Dueling Cellos and April Resolutions

I couldn’t resist sharing this PAW-some picture. Seren would be offended if I presented her with such a thing, Magic would tolerate it but look like he’d been beaten. And Karma? He’d EAT IT! That kitten hasn’t stopped eating. Wow. … Continue reading