Heart-to-Heart About Dog Heartworms & Mosquitoes

I hate mosquitos not only because they’re itchy aggravation, but these nasty vampires spread deadly dog heartworms. That can make your dog sick or worse—it could kill her. Dogs are the natural host–but they also can affect cats–and heartworms have … Continue reading

Dog Digging Disasters: Why Dogs Dig & How to Stop Excavations

Dogs excavate for a variety of reasons. Dog digging is a natural canine behavior that evolved as a means of survival. I’m sharing this entry about DOG DIGGING, an excerpt from Dog Facts, The Series 4 (Chapter D)This chapter covers a lot … Continue reading

Dog Car Sickness: How to Prevent Upset Tummies

Dog & car sickness go together like treats &wags. Young dogs often get upset tummies during car rides. Dog car sickness happens when the motion of the car stimulates the area of the brain that stimulates vomiting. Stress and excitement also impact how … Continue reading

Cat Writers & BlogPaws Rock the Pet World!

Cat Writers’ Association and BlogPaws joined furry forces for an historic combined conference benefiting writers and bloggers of all purr-suasions–and to enthusiastic applause by one and all! In the coming days and weeks, many of us will continue to shout … Continue reading