Feline Friday: Cat Introductions

Happy Feline Friday! Today is a snow day—actually an ice-and-snow day. Here in North Texas we had ice shut down the area on Tuesday, followed by snow and…just when it began to clear, another 3 inches overnight. Only the d*g … Continue reading

Solving Cat Aggression

Yes, it’s not yet Feline Friday but my latest Paw Nation article just posted and I wanted to share. By the way, Gina Misiroglu of Red Room put me in touch with the AOL people, which is one of the great ways in … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Pet Myth-teries, Why Cats Bunt & Kitty Kryptonite

Happy Feline Friday! Today it’s pet myth-tery day. For centuries, people created fanciful stories to try and explain puzzling animal antics. Many of these myth-understandings about cat and dog behaviors linger on, even though modern veterinary and behavior experts have … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Scratch THIS! Free Cat Behavior Course

Does clawing raise your blood pressure? Funny, it LOWERS a feline’s stress levels, and kittens and adult cats claw for many reasons. In fact, upset cats often claw-target items that smell the most like a beloved human (your bed, your … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Kitty Keep-Away, Socialization & How Cats Read

TGIFF…Feline Friday, that is. The week after a holiday always seems to take twice as long to work through as a “normal” work week. Seren-kitty’s nose is out of joint, too. Her New Year’s resolutions (last week’s blog) didn’t get … Continue reading