How Pets Play, Why Cats Play, and What Dog Play Means

How pets play and why dogs and cats play games fascinates the people who love them. Cat play, dog play and kitten games are exactly the same–only different–with identical purposes but variation in styles. These days, I have a front-row … Continue reading

Bunny Slippers With Teeth, Thrillerfest & Michael Palmer Tribute

I’m just back from Thrillerfest where my bunny slippers with teeth were again a hit–and one of my fav authors was honored in a Michael Palmer Tribute (scroll down for the video). As always, feeling revitalized, energized and writer-ized (is … Continue reading

Cheap Thrills: Karma’s New Toy

I think Magic is truly put out by what the Karma-Kitten gets away with, all in the name of cute-icity. What do you think? Do you have a “double standard” and some of the fur-kids are allowed to do certain … Continue reading

Karma Reviews Kong Glide ‘n Seek Cat Toy

I’ll be at the OWFI Writers Conference this weekend so there won’t be a blog on Friday–unless I get really ambitious and work while I’m there. Please say “howdy” and introduce yourself if you’re attending! The fine folks at KONG … Continue reading

Poison Prevention Awareness Week

Actually, the whole month is promoted for getting the word out about poisons that can affect our pets. Cats and dogs can get into all kinds of trouble since they meet the world nose (and mouth) first. I keep my … Continue reading