New Year’s Pet Resolutions

It’s 2013, wow. A new year is a time for reflection on the past, and resolutions for the future. My furry crew tells me it’s a good time to take stock of the past year from a pets’-eye-view, and the year to come.


The Magical-Dawg romped through the year and once again mystified the vet, this time with a “sterile abscess” and swollen face. He’s now six—and still keeps me on my toes.
Seren-kitty has reached the grand age of 15 and has become MORE active compared to last year. While she does sleep more, she now demands lap time (a first for her!) and wants more attention especially when it irks the dog. She’s now eating a therapeutic diet to help slow the progression of kidney insufficiency, and I see sprinkles of white in her black mask, her claws click when she walks (arthritis makes it hard to keep them hidden). Siamese tend to be one of the longest-lived cat breeds so I’m counting on having another decade with the wee beastie!

So here are New Year’s Resolutions from Magic and Seren, with commentary by Amy.

Magic:  “I will teach my humans to read my mind when I stare into their eyes.”

Amy: He knows many words but hasn’t figured out how to articulate. So I resolve to better guess what he’s telling me.

Seren:  “I will train my humans to make laps available ALL THE TIME.”

Amy: She insists on lap time each evening, but doesn’t quite understand why she can’t sit on the laptop computer. So I resolve to schedule quitting time earlier to provide for kitty lap-sitting requirements.

Magic: “I will kill all squeakers and chew sticky-out wrong parts on toys.”

Amy: He amputates teddy-bear ears, steals cat toys, and ends up with sparkly poop. I resolve to find a Magic-proof squeaky stuffed toy—been looking for years now. Same resolution as last year. *sigh*

Seren: “I will guard Amy’s lap and chase the (spit) dawg away from MY human.”

Amy: She particularly enjoys late night harassing, and especially teasing the dog to sniff by rolling on the floor—and then punishing him for the nose poke. I resolve to keep Magic corralled so that Seren can enjoy her rock-around-the-clock antics for as long as she continues to want to race.

Magic: “I will grab and stack every Frisbee in the house and play keep-away from Amy. Unless we go for a car ride.”

Amy: Magic adores playing Frisbee fetch. So far he’s managed to stack 8 at once and carry them, and insists that HE carry them all—but sometimes decides to play keep away and will only return if tempted by the car horn signaling a ride.

Seren: “I will meow and cry REALLY REALLY LOUD until Amy stops hiding.”

Amy: Seren’s age means her hearing isn’t so good and has trouble hearing and finding us. She’ll call loudly (especially late at night) as she searches for us. I resolve to ensure she can ALWAYS find us easily, by answering her cries no matter how busy I might be.

Seren: “I will train Amy the right way to play with the feather toys!”

Amy: Seren used to enjoy fishing pole lures but Magic gets frustrated he can’t play, too, and barks—which takes the joy out of her game. This past year, she’s stopped wanting to chase so much (arthritis strikes again!) but still loves her collection of feather wands. I resolve to keep a feather wand available at hand, for Seren’s face-rubbing, body-petting pleasure.

Magic: “I will chase any $%^&! coyote that dares stomp on my property.”

Amy: Magic has 13-acres he patrols each day, and carefully baptizes any coyote evidence to ensure critters know he’s the biggest dawg around. I resolve to keep him safe from marauding critters—no matter how much he wants to chase and sniff.

Seren: “I will sleep more, hiss less. Even around the dog—he’s not worth the energy.”

Amy: Over the past year Seren has become much more tolerant of rude dog noses, and stands her ground. I resolve to make sure she’s always the “top cat” in our home—after all, she was here first.

Magic: “I will go for a ride forever!”

Amy: Magic continues his love affair with the Magic-Mobile. Thank goodness the car keys are out of reach. I resolve to give Magic a car ride at least every other day, pending good weather.

Seren: “I will train Amy there’s more to nine lives than paw-tapping and staring at a boxy computer-thing. Like lap time snuggles. And whisker-kisses.”

Magic: “I will train Amy that sharing treats is a very-good-thing. So are tummy rubs.”

Amy: I resolve to listen to my furry wonders. What about you?

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New Year’s Pet Resolutions — 6 Comments

  1. Ah old animals. My kitties are Jasper (13), Magic (13) and Sage (16), my Belgian, Domino is 13 and my Lab, Golly is a baby at 5. It’s an old animal house with all the extra care that goes into geriatric pets. Domino shows his age the most, creaky hips don’t let him climb the stairs anymore and his muzzle and eyebrows are heavily frosted with silver. I resolve to spend more time sitting on the floor giving him cuddles so he doesn’t have to get up off his comfy pillow when he wants my attention. Sage does the same this Seren-kitty does, he goes upstairs to sleep on the heat register (feels so good on his old bones) and loses me, then cries loudly wondering where I am. He’s still spry enough to come running when I call. Thanks for sharing your resolutions, Amy. A good reminder to all pet owners. 🙂

    • Wow, Serena, you do have a “gray” pet household. They’re so special. Of course, they’re special at every age, but when you’ve had them so long it really tugs your heart.

  2. Hey Amy. Wishing you and your family a happy 2013. Wow Seren, Magic and you sure have a huge list of resolutions. Hope you fulfill each and everyone of them

  3. I’m a little late reading but I so enjoyed this and somehow I think if Magic or Seren could talk they absolutely would say those things. How old has your oldest pet lived to be? I read in an earlier blog about certain food you have Seren on to help her kidneys. What is the name of it and when should a cat be put on that? I assume when blood work or urinalysis indicates kidney problems? I had 2 very elderly cats that kidney problems. As far as the new year goes – you have lots on your plate and I know you will accomplish it all and even more with extraordinary success! I don’t know how you do it all. I believe you are the hardest working person I know. 2013 is going to be a glorious year for you!

    • Hi Patricia! I’m still catching up on all the blogs I want to read. Seren is 15 years old now, so she’s the longest lived pet so far. She’s eating Hill’s Prescription kd (kidney diet) and yes, the vet needs to prescribe that. Other pet food companies also make therapeutic kidney diets, too, so your vet might recommend a different one–all are good, and typically it just depends on what food your cat (or dog) best accepts.

      I know you also have lots planned for this year. May 2013 bring good things to us all!

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